Five Ways a Smartphone has Changed Your Life

Some people like to think that smartphones are making the human race more stupid, but actually, that is not true. Whether you realize it or not, smartphones are improving our lives in much more ways than we think. There are apps for literally everything, and they make our lives easier. Here are five examples of how they changed our lives for the better.

They are keeping us safe

Unlike some 15 years ago, walking at night through a dangerous neighborhood alone is not as dangerous today, thanks to smartphones. How? For starters, each phone has a tracking device, and there are apps that can be used to leave a GPS trace so that your friends can track your path and know if you got back home safely, or alert the authorities with the coordinates of your last location in case you don’t check in on time.

Having a doctor at the touch of a screen

Nowadays, all sorts of apps are being developed, and there are some that connect you with a qualified doctor so that you can tell the doctor your symptoms and how you are feeling face-to-face (screen to screen actually), no matter where you are.

Furthermore, some smartphone apps can actually diagnose dreadful diseases such as hepatitis, malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis by creating colorful patterns that point to a certain disease from a drop of blood.  

They changed the way we use our brain’s memory

Believe it or not, smartphones are actually changing how our brains store memories. Before smartphones, our brains stored the entire information. Today, there is so much information easily accessible and our brains cannot possibly remember everything you read or saw, but you can find out how and where to find that information.

In other words, instead of “creating a folder with the entire movie on the hard drive”, our brain now just stores the “link” to the movie, which definitely uses less storage space in our brains?

They help us deal with disabilities

Sickness is never a good thing, but sickness in the era of smartphones, is definitely easier. There are apps for everything now, and that includes learning and teaching sign language, managing illnesses, or even finding hotels, restaurants, and attractions in cities that are accessible for people with disabilities. Some apps also allow voice control, for those who can’t use their hands.

They save time

You probably haven’t realized that having it all in one place, things like checking the weather, your email, texting your friends, keeping up with social media, making a grocery shopping list, scheduling appointments, save you a lot of time. For example, it would take you much more time to do all that back in the 90’s as you would need to use a pen and paper, then a computer, then the land line phone (which included pressing each number in the phone number separately), and a bunch of other processes that demand more time. With smartphones, you can multitask and get everything done in a matter of just a few minutes.

There are some studies that say that, thanks to smartphones, we save up to 22 days a year by simply doing all these things faster. However, this doesn’t mean that we are more productive.





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